“S&H has the customers’ needs front and center by providing products that elevate a healthy and quality living.”

- Louis Yu, CEO of S&H

Who We Are

S&H specializes in the production, research and development, sales, and wholesale of various non-woven products, including all kinds of disinfectant wipes, functional cleaning wipes (e.g., baby wipes, pet wipes, wet toilet paper, kitchen wet wipes, makeup remover wipes, etc.) and various dry wipes.

Located in the north of Hangzhou, our 100,000 class dust-free purification workshop houses advanced professional production equipment that can reach a daily output of 300,000 units. As a manufacturing facility, our mission is to “promote industrial development”, which we meet through our annual output value of 100-150 million RMB.


Our Brand Purpose

Committed to building the brand as a clean and healthy image ambassador, S&H upholds the corporate purpose of “meeting the needs of healthy and high-quality life”. We place our customers at the center at all times, striving to contribute to achieving a sustainable and healthy quality of life through our products.

Our History

The success of S&H is built from years of hard work, expansive production experience, and constant development, continuously pushing for the next level.

  • 2020-Now

    Actively responding to the national COVID-19 epidemic prevention work, the company produced disinfecting wipes and epidemic prevention materials and was listed as a provincial key epidemic prevention material manufacturer.

  • 2016-2019

    Our factory successfully met the National Acceptance Standards in 2016, while completing the upgrade of our production technology in 2019. In the same year, we launched our brand on Tmall, expanding our sales channels and improving our branding.

  • 2013-2015

    The exportation of products has expanded to include Britain, Russia, and Canada while acquiring DRAPER and Power Box as new customers. In 2015, we secured an ISO13485 certification.

  • 2008-2012

    S&H first opened its doors in 2008, using simple processing tools to export teat wipes for RC2 in the US. In 2009, we acquired our GMPC certification.

What's behind S&H

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    Professional Services

    From our quick and easy order placement to the full range of customization options, we take care of your needs professionally.

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    How We Manufacture

    With our efficient manufacturing process and high-powered manufacturing equipment, you get the products you need within short lead time.

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    Quality Control

    Rigorous quality inspections in every step of the production cycle ensure that you get the best products in the market.

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