Versatile Cleaning Wipes

S&H set the bar for other custom cleaning wipe manufacturers with our rich selection of non-woven wet wipes for various applications. We manufacture our wet wipes with certified materials, ensuring a hygienic sanitation tool at competitive prices.

Through our in-depth consultation and comprehensive customization options, we can guide you on creating a cleaning wipe that can resonate with your target consumers. Contact us for your free consultation.

Customization Service

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    Whether you require a cleaning wipe for proper disinfection, makeup removal, or skincare, we can manufacture it to fit a wide variety of purposes.

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    We offer the option of including 70% alcohol, quaternary ammonium salt, or other substances to improve the formula’s efficiency for certain applications.

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    S&H cleaning wipes can come with a custom pouch or canister packaging. You can choose to incorporate your company logo, name, patterns, and graphics on your packaging.

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    Baby Care
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    Cleaning Food Packages
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Cleaning Wipes for Different Applications

S&H cleaning wipes have a versatile function for different industry setting such as food, healthcare, and automotive businesses.

The customization option we offer allows for proper sanitation in specific applications. Through our high-grade cleaning wipes, you can bring in consumers from different target markets to your business.

What Makes Profit-Oriented Cleaning Wipes

What is Profit Oriented Cleaning Wipes

Through our streamline production process and strict supplier selection, we keep the cost of our cleaning wipes at a much lower rate than what you will find in the market. Even with the competitive price, our cleaning wipes are made to meet global standards in terms of cleaning efficiency and quality.

Market-Driven Manufacturer of Cleaning Wipes

S&H stands out by conducting thorough research on market trends and demand for specific cleaning wipes. Through our knowledge and experience in manufacturing non-woven wet wipes, we help you find the right cleaning wipes solution that can resonate with your target audience to drive your brand.