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Delicate Cotton Tissues

When looking for disposable highly-absorbent cotton tissues for your market, S&H is the perfect cotton tissue manufacturer to address your needs. Our cotton tissues are 100% biodegradable and are safe for daily use, thanks to the chemical and alcohol-free manufacturing process. You can also make these cotton tissues your own through our vast customization options.

Customization Service

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    Nonwoven Process

    Carefully-selected non woven cotton fabric is customized to create your cotton tissues based on your requested specifications, matching your unique branding and market demands.

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    We create custom packaging that will suit your market and cotton tissues, including packaging type, dimensions, and any printing or logos specific for your brand.

  • Cleaning Hands
    Cleaning Hands
  • Make Up Removal
    Make Up Removal
  • Skin and Body Care
    Skin and Body Care
  • Washing the Face
    Washing the Face

Best Applications for Cotton Tissues

Whether marketing as personal care or makeup removal, our cotton tissues make a perfect fit on these markets.

Our durable cotton tissues can come in any shape and size and can be packed to match the market’s specific needs. Strong absorbency makes cleaning in homes and commercial establishments a breeze, while the disposable nature of the cotton tissues helps in proper sanitation.

What Makes Delicate Cotton Tissues

What Is Delicate Cotton Tissues

Delicate cotton tissues start from the quality of its raw materials, followed up by proper processing and careful packaging. S&H always procures the finest nonwoven cotton fabric from our trusted suppliers, maintaining the quality of our cotton tissues. The automated production line also ensures that standards are kept throughout the manufacturing process.

Gold-Standard Manufacturer of Cotton Tissues

As a cotton tissue manufacturer for over a decade, S&H has mastered the optimal production process to create delicate cotton tissues for any market. From order placement and material procurement to cotton tissue production and delivery, we utilize established and efficient production practices to meet your needs before the deadline.