We Deliver Value-Added Dry Wipe Solutions

Practical and reliable, dry wipes are commonly used in most establishments in residential and commercial locations. And with the exceptional flexibility and durability that the nonwoven fabric we use offers, you can expect outstanding dry wipes that your brand can rely on. S&H is the dry wipe supplier of choice for custom dry wipes, with our advanced manufacturing process and an array of custom options to create unique dry wipe solutions. Work with us today and see how we can cater to your market needs.

S&H Dry Wipe for Widely Applications

As a manufacturer of custom dry wipes, our range of product offerings is made to specifically address the needs of various markets.

  • Medical Purposes
  • Household
  • Beauty & Personal Care
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Medical Purposes

The recent pandemic has caused an increase in the demand for dry wipes with powerful disinfectant capabilities, especially in the medical field. S&H medical dry wipes meet this demand with durable nonwoven wipes with FDA-approved germfree properties that kill most pathogens from hard surfaces.  We can also work with clients to create custom dry wipes that have custom features to match what their market asks for.

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With dry wipes now a staple in most households, the market is searching for hygienic and multipurpose nonwoven wipes. S&H knows this need and addresses the demand with high-quality custom dry wipes that meets international benchmarks for durability and cleaning capabilities. And with our range of custom options, you can create the perfect dry wipes for your specific market, increasing profit and brand recognition.

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Beauty & Personal Care

When it comes to dry wipes for beauty and personal care, sensitivity is as important as cleaning strength for most markets. S&H is a dry wipe supplier that understands this concern and specifically manufactures hypoallergenic and abrasion-free non woven dry wipes with strong yet gentle formulations for the most sensitive of skin. We also partner with clients to produce custom dry wipes products for their target market.

Why Choose S&H as Your Dry Wipe Supplier

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    Cost Effective

    Proper sourcing capabilities and efficient production techniques allow us to keep costs down.

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    12 Years Experience

    Over a decade of manufacturing experience ensures we are fully-equipped to handle your needs.

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    Quick Supply

    Fast and established production cycles mean we meet your supply demands quicker every time.

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    New Development

    Experienced experts capable of developing innovative dry wipes to fit specific client requirements.

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    Free Sample Available

    Get free samples with every order, so you know exactly what to expect.

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    Fully Customizable

    From product dimensions and materials to packaging and printing, we take care of them all.