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Versatile Kitchen Dry Wipes

Kitchen dry wipe manufacturer S&H offers wholesale kitchen dry wipes ideal for cleaning kitchen counters, walls, and other hard surfaces. Made with the best nonwoven fabric, these heavy-duty dry wipes are highly absorbent and can take on grease, oil, and dirt with no issues. We also offer customizable specifications that give you the freedom to create the ideal kitchen dry wipe for your market.

Customization Service

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    Nonwoven Process

    From careful selection to the cutting of the nonwoven fabric used for the kitchen dry wipes, we follow strict quality inspection processes that guarantee product consistency.

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    Custom options are provided for the packaging, including the selection of pouches or canisters as a container, and any personalized branding on the packaging exterior.

  • Cleaning Fruits
    Cleaning Fruits
  • Drying Table
    Drying Table
  • Washing the Dishes
    Washing the Dishes
  • Wiping Glass
    Wiping Glass

Effective Uses for Kitchen Dry Wipes

Whether used on dishes, appliances, or kitchen counters, our kitchen dry wipes are up to the task.

The absorbent nature of our kitchen dry wipes ensures maximum cleaning on any hard kitchen surface, while its lint-free feature makes sure no residue is left after use on mirrors and reflective surfaces.

What Makes Versatile Kitchen Dry Wipes

What Is A Versatile Kitchen Dry Wipe

Versatility in any product adds value to it, especially for kitchen dry wipes. Being a well-known kitchen dry wipe manufacturer, we understand this is a need, and offer the market with kitchen dry wipes that can effectively clean any kitchen surface. Our kitchen dry wipes are made from thick non woven fabric taken on dirt, grease, and oil with ease.

Trusted Manufacturer of Kitchen Dry Wipes

S&H is your reliable wholesale kitchen dry wipe manufacturer, producing up to 100,000 units daily with our cutting-edge production lines and efficient processing guidelines. Our years of experience in the industry give us the leverage you need to provide your market with unique and affordable kitchen dry wipes solutions they will love.