We Bring the Finest Wet Wipe Solutions

We produce versatile wet wipes for various industrial and personal/household applications such as sanitizing tools and equipment. Our adjustable formulation makes our non-woven address specific business requirements such as anti-bacterial cleaning means for medical establishments. We have provided OEM makeup remover wipes to famous brands such as Lancome, L’Oreal, Kiehl’s, Biotherm, Shu Uemura, Armani and so on.

S&H Wet Wipe for Widely Applications

All of our custom non-woven wet wipes have a flexible usage across different industries and markets, allowing you to target a diverse range of consumers.

  • Medical Purposes
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Beauty & Personal Care
  • Household
  • Mom & Baby
  • Pet Care
  • Industrial Purposes
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Medical Purposes

Quality is the key factor among non-woven wet wipes within the medical industry since these practitioners utilize them in sanitizing medical equipment or even a person’s body. S&H utilizes several cleanroom workshops that are free from dust or other contaminants. We can also co-develop unique non-woven wet wipes to create specific wet wipes for certain medical applications.

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Personal Hygiene

Average end-users look for practical non-woven wipes at an affordable price, making the daily use of wipes for personal hygiene feasible for consumers. Our streamline production and strict screening process ensure all of our high-grade wipes are competitively priced without compromising on their quality

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Beauty & Personal Care

Skincare is a vital point for non-woven wet wipes among beauty and personal care products. Our non-woven wet wipes can be customized to include non-irritant formulation and fabric materials that will not cause skin irritation while sanitizing the surface.

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Nearly every household requires a steady supply of affordable and high-grade non-woven wet wipes for maintaining any interior or outdoor spaces. S&H can offer you a stable supply of affordable and quality non-woven wet types for general cleaning with our strong manufacturing capability of 300,000 pieces each day.

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Mom & Baby

Mothers require top-performing non-woven wet wipes capable of cleaning their babies while staying gentle on their skin. We offer a customizable formulation on all of our wet wipes to have no irritants or over stimulating substances such as strong fragrances.

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Pet Care

Certain pets require the right non-woven wet wipes formulation that is safe on their skin while making it efficient in cleaning various animals. Through extensive research, we help you choose the right non-woven fabric material and formulation for specific pets. S&H will also work with businesses to create a brand-building wet wipe for pets.

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Industrial Purposes

High tensile strength and strong cleaning capabilities are essential for effective wet wipes in the industrial field. S&H expertly creates industrial-strength wet wipes from superior nonwoven material with specific formulations for optimal removal of stains, dust, and dirt. Our line of wet wipes is packed on easy to use containers and leaves no residue, making them ideal for cleaning LCD screens, electronics, and other surfaces.

Why Choose S&H as Your Wet Wipe Supplier

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    Know-how in Non-woven

    S&H professional staff have extensive experience and knowledge in manufacturing quality non-woven fabrics.

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    Selected Raw Materials

    We have a strict supplier screening process and material inspection to ensure our raw materials meet high global standards.

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    Steady Supply

    Our partnership with several reliable suppliers ensures a steady supply of our high-grade non-woven wet wipes even during peak season.

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    Excellent Performance

    We can achieve various formulation for different applications while ensuring an efficient cleaning capability.

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    Free Sample Available

    All custom non-woven wet wipe orders are eligible for free samples to give you a clear preview before mass production.

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    Fully Customizable

    We can adjust the formula, materials of the fabric, and create unique packaging for a non-woven wet wipe to fit your brand.