Certifications We Have

Reliably providing value-added services and customization, we have the certification you need that validates our attention to quality and dedication to provide high-performance non-woven wipes.

  • EPA 98841 CHN 1 00 e


    Our company is registered at EPA and is qualified to manufacture EPA products

  • FDA


    Our antibacterial wet wipes are registered under FDA and are permitted to be exported to USA.

  • Intertek GMPC


    Our quality management system is applicable to manufacturing cosmetics products (wet wipes) exported to USA.

  • Intertek ISO


    Our quality management system is applicable to manufacturing cosmetics products (wet wipes) exported to Europe.

  • NQA CE


    Our Medical Dry Wipes are qualified to be exported to Europe.



    Our quality management system is applicable to production and sale of medical hygiene products (exported to USA and Australia).

Quality Raw Materials Are the Foundation

Raw materials are selected from top domestic manufacturers for lower costs and easy access. As we have an excellent relationship with our material suppliers, you can customize materials to personalize our non-woven wipes to fit your needs.

Through our certification and thorough quality control, we have determined that every raw material we have meets industry standards.


A Strict QA Team Makes Difference

With over 12 years of industry experience, our professional quality inspection team conducts tests in every step of production. We manage a complete quality inspection system that identifies defects and sees how well our wipes perform in any setting.

Strict quality control ensures that we provide consistently well-made non-woven wet wipes and dry wipes that last for long periods.


How We Deliver High Quality Wipes

In ensuring consistent quality, we put our materials and wipes through simulations and tests that determine how well they perform.

  • s04-img1

    Incoming Inspection

    We check the fabric weight, thickness, width, and surface cleanliness of raw materials to see that they meet your requirements.

  • s04-img2

    Fabric Weight Inspection

    Using a balance, we measure the weight of every fabric used for our wipes to meet your customization requirements.

  • s04-img3

    Size Inspection

    We use disc samplers, thickness meters and rulers to measure the thickness and width of our wipes to ensure that they meet your requirements.

  • s04-img4

    Microbiological Test

    Sign a commission agreement with a professional testing agency to conduct regular or irregular testing of product formula to see if they are safe and hygienic.

  • s04-img5

    ABV Testing

    Test the alcohol by volume of the product to ensure the disinfection function and that can be applied to various scenarios.

  • s04-img6

    Packaging Inspection

    To ensure our wipes are packed safely, we check packaging for liquid leakages and impurities while determining if the coding is clear.