Brings Comprehensive Services

S&H efficiently carries out a comprehensive process to help you receive your wipes within schedule. Through our experience in research and development, we provide a wide array of value-added services to support medical facilities, industrial factories and wholesalers.

In our years of collaborating with different industries, we offer clear and thorough consultations to help you formulate the right custom wipe products. Our focused team of experts provide customization options that improve the cleaning and disinfecting performance of our wipes.


Private Labeling

Whether a budding business or a known brand in the industry, our private labeling service is perfectly suited to provide the leverage for your project.

  • Take advantage of our expertly-crafted products and formulations as the base, and then tweak them to fit your needs
  • Endless customization options, from formulations to packaging and printing, making your product stand out from the market.

Contract Manufacturing

S&H is your partner in creating unique and innovative wipes for your target market, backed by our high production capabilities and years of experience in the field.

  • Reduce production costs and delays by working with an experienced staff that knows how to best handle your concerns.
  • Specialized manufacturing facility has the right equipment you need for production, ensuring faster and more efficient output.

Customization Options

With our industry experiences and customization abilities, we help you with new product development, personalize new wipes to define your brand quality while maximizing cleaning performance.

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    Nonwoven Options

    Executable nonwoven fabric processes such as parallel, semi-crosslap, embossing and more to make your wipes deliver high cleaning performance.

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    Choose from our quality cotton, viscose, polyester, PP wood pulp or other materials to ensure long-term use while getting the exact effect you require.

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    Fabric Weight

    For accuracy and to diversify your selections, we help you customize wipes with different fabric weights according to your requirements.

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    Ingredients in Wet Wipes

    We offer a variety of moisturizers, anti-oxidants, emollients, surfactants and preservatives for efficient disinfecting and cleaning performance.

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    Resealable Labels

    With our automatic labeling machines, we create custom-made resealable labels with differing peel strengths and personalized designs to define your branding.

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    Packing Pouch/Canister

    We offer pouches and canisters to pack the wipes and are customized in terms of pattern, logo and materials to enhance your branding.

8 Simple Steps to Start Your Project

Follow along these 8 steps to ensure a smooth transaction. We update you on the progress of each stage as we process your orders within schedule.

  • 01Communication

    We will discuss with you about the product details and accommodate your customization requirements

  • 02 Get the Quote

    Upon confirming the price of raw materials, we will give you a quotation.

  • 03 Schedule

    We will provide you with the estimated delivery date from the production department for a smooth transaction.

  • 04 Place an Order

    An order is made after forming a contract and paying a deposit.

  • 05 Production

    We purchase raw materials from trusted suppliers and start faster and efficient production.

  • 06 Inspection

    After passing product inspection, you can also check the performance of our non-woven wipes.

  • 07 Payment

    When there are no quality issues, pay the balance payment to finish the transaction.

  • 08 Delivery

    You will receive high-quality non-woven wipes within your schedule.