Market Leading Disinfectant Wipes

S&H is a reliable custom disinfectant wipe manufacturer that offers an efficient means of sanitizing individuals. Our flexible non-woven wipes can meet certain requirements such as eliminating more than 95% of harmful microorganisms.

We can alter the formulation and non-woven fabric of our disinfectant wipes as well as offer customizable packaging to meet your specific business or branding goals.

Customization Service

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    You can change the non-woven fabric materials to have an anti-bacterial, sterilization, absorbent, or other useful qualities to achieve a disinfectant wipe for specific applications.

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    The liquid portion of our wet wipes can be modified such as including 70% alcohol, benzalkonium chloride, ammonium salt, or other substances for your custom disinfectant wipes.

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    Our disinfectant wipes packaging comes in either a customizable pouch or canister, letting you build brand recognition with our high-grade wet wipes.

  • Disinfecting Hands
    Disinfecting Hands
  • Disinfection of Personal Items
    Disinfection of Personal Items
  • Disinfection of Workspace
    Disinfection of Workspace
  • Multi Purpose
    Multi Purpose

Disinfectant Wipes for Various Uses

S&H can design disinfectant wipes with different formulations and fabric for various applications such as medical establishment, food & beverage producers, and households. The formulation of our non-woven wet wipes can eliminate nearly any bacteria and other harmful microorganisms.

We can also adjust it to suit certain applications such as cleaning sensitive skin and much more.

What Makes Superior Disinfectant Wipes

What is a Market Demanded Disinfectant Wipe

Key factors to disinfectant wipes for any application is quality and safety since end-users expect all of our wet wipes to be free of any debris or substances. We produce our non-woven wet wipes through our 100,000 level dust-free workshop to keep all finished product hygienic as possible.

Reliable Manufacturer of Disinfectant Wipe

We manufacture wet wipes with incredible efficiency through our certified factory. With 6 production lines an 11,000 square meters of the work area, we have a daily capacity of 300,000 pcs. You are assured of a steady supply of high-grade disinfectant wipe even during periods when demands are high.